done is better than perfect

In applying this simple idea – I aim to move forward and make at least one thing a day and share it to my Instagram, Tumblr, FB. Here, I will post each Friday.  I am practicing “doing”.  Sounds simple, I know, but we all have areas of life we can be better.  This is one of my areas.  Hesitation is common when I go to share any kind of creative post.  I am, however, a creative.  Until recently, I didn’t believe I was meant to – or needed – to show the personal work I was doing, but more and more … I do.  Connecting through the choice to share a little part of myself is a step forward.  So here goes …

Have you noticed it’s the littlest of things that usually hold you back?  What could you make a decision to do as a practice that would open up a door or perhaps shift – even slightly – a way that you view something … or yourself? 

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