Down with patriarchy

The ill and horrid nature of man.

To be human is a venture I can’t make whole.

My roots are shallow as i team with thoughts and barely ground myself enough to be. Or know. Or clarify. Or contain. Or solidify.

I tiptoe just to elevate myself but I betray my need for earth.

What started all this?

I don’t know. But I know what perpetuates it:

Man’s word is odd. Novels romanticizing abuse. Blech.

No more.

No thanks.

Let the words uplift and be smart – at least.

Let’s not preserve idiocy for the sake of history and instead create new stories and move forward. And move well. And move adeptly.

Let’s make it magical. Because we can.

Let’s strip away the shitty old songs and plays and movies and books that defile the human soul and describe and uphold wrong doings and misgivings.

I won’t miss them. The future won’t either.

In fact let’s start over with our future. Let’s have a new conversation. Knowing the past and regurgitating it over and over are different. Let’s know our past. Really know it and embrace its hideousness —as with chattel slavery — and say “I hate you”. I can’t believe you were ever allowed. Grab its chin and demand “You are no longer allowed to hurt us. Teach me what not to do for I have to keep you in mind and simultaneously discard your insidious hold on good things being born.”

With the future, I hold hands and say let’s not do that again. What a disgrace. Let’s do better.


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